The 2nd Transnational Partners Meeting has taken place in Sofia! In the meeting, partners first discussed about the main findings of the research process (Intellectual Output 1). It was interesting to know how different “Youth Work” concept is considered in the represented countries (UK, The Netherlands, Bulgaria, Italy and Spain). For instance, whilst in UK Youth Work is clearer and it has an academic recognition, in Spain or Italy there is not a clear meaning of the concept neither a general recognition of that. In addition, partners discussed about the different types of Youth Work and how it is possible to focus on impact assessment depending on the target groups (e.g. youth leaders, individual youth workers, professional youth organisations, youth-centred youth organisations, etc.).

Finally, partners also addressed the development of the E-manual (Intellectual Output 2) and the Competence Framework (Intellectual Output 3). From the research finding, partners have selected the relevant areas which are important for youth work in terms of impact assessment. Now, it’s time for their creation! The work goes on!

Stay tuned for future activities!

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