Digital Youth Work, means proactively using or addressing digital media and technology in youth work. Digital Youth work doesn’t refer to a youth work method but instead it can be included in any youth work setting (open youth work, youth information and counselling, youth clubs, detached youth work, ect.) and they both share the same goals. This definition is given by the EC Publication: “Developing Digital Youth Work – Expert Group Set Up under the European Union Work Plan for Youth 2016-2018” that also highlights the importance in this new digital era, to upskill youth workers’ digital competences.

In this context and given the times we are living in, the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership, DIGITAL YOUTH WORKER: Open education and innovative practices for the capacity building of Youth Workers in the digital era” comes in handy and it aims to:

  1. Map and develop a dedicated Competency Framework for Digital Youth Workers
  2. Develop an e-learning platform and comprhensive and interactive online course for Digital Youth Workers: based on the previous mapping exercise (Digital Youth Worker Framework) available in 4 different languages: English, Spanish, Italian and Bulgarian

All results will be available for free on the project website EUnetwork and its Facebook page.


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