e-Game for Impact! App is the result of the engagement of youth workers of Europe to create a gamified tool to reflect on the different aspects of youth work impact while having fun. These different minigames are named after the results of a European questionnaire launched by Yeuthpact partnership in 2020. We asked youth workers about the main competences needed to improve their local work. And here we are! Get it on Google Play and App Store!

  • A comparative report on the impact assessment of youth work on local communities in the represented countries: Holland, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria and the UK
  • An e-manual to support youth practitioners to assess the impact of their activities on their local communities  as well as to enable them to plan and develop better, customized local projects and activities
  • A framework of competences for youth practitioners needed to become “impact assessors” of youth work in their local communities
  • An “e-game 4 Impact”: an interactive tool to support less experienced youth practitioners to improve their capacity to evaluate their impact on local communities and, at the same time, to raise awareness about the importance of the impact of youth work on local communities
  • An e-learning programme (free of charge!) for the capacity building of youth practitioners and to help them develop the identified and required skills to better assess the impact of their activities on the local communities
  • 20 youth workers from Holland, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria and the UK will have the chance to take part in mobility in Holland and be trained first hand with the resources and methodologies developed within the project, besides being able to pilot test and share recommendations on the set of tools and innovative practices developed within the project Y-EUTH-PACT!