Wow, our piloting has finished, and we have had precious feedback to improve our work. Basically, each partner has organised local events with youth workers and young people to test and play with the app of Yeuthpact!

Plus, we have organised the final events of the project in the different participating countries and we have met very interesting people from Sweden and Finland with whom we want to collaborate. We met youth workers and legal representatives of small associations to discuss the benefits of digital competencies as well as to introduce the Erasmus+ programme.

One of the main requests as follow-up has been the creation of a tool & methodology that could be innovative and appealing to young people to do networking and make youth work more digital and entertaining, and create the conditions for small associations to access to wider digital European networks.

Plus, different youth workers have explained how it is crucial to make networking and travelling more environmentally friendly and the creation of a platform where to exchange projects and look for competencies according to the area can be crucial. In particular, many little organisations would like to save a lot of time in terms of partner search, and to get quality contacts.

So this is a new challenge for the Yeuthpact team, and we are sure we can continue the work with the new Erasmus+ deadlines toward a more steady approach on digital youth work!

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